Cafe Society

Cafe Society: Week in review

What you might have missed this week while chowing on some Nut Poppers...

Green chile mania!  Jason ranked the top ten green chile joints in Denver, and even got some input on the best vegetarian versions.  We pitted El Taco de Mexico's chile against Santiago's and found a surprise victor.

We took a look at the pizza battle brewing in Belmar.  Oh, the drama!

We found out how Ky Belk, bartender at Elway's, really feels about chocolate martinis.

Hey guys, Twilight Sweethearts too frou frou for your ego?  Check out our list of the top ten manliest candies ever.  Or perhaps Pete Marczyk's bacon candy is more your style.

We found out Troy Guard from TAG rocks his cooking to Metallica.

We got up close with Pho 95 and found our favorite Denver pho joints.