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Reader: I brake for the baked mac & cheese at Walt's Mobile Bistro

The second round of 100 Favorite Dishes really got readers' engines running. Yesterday, Jonny Hamel raved about the mac & cheese from Walt's Mobile Bistro:
One fateful First Friday on Santa Fe, I ran into a fruitful dilemma. Which Denver mobile food truck should I try? Denver Biscuit Boys, Steubens, Deluxe...??? Well, the first one I ran into ended up being the best one, in my fair foodie opinion. Walt's Mobile Bistro serves up a gourmet mac 'n cheese casserole topped with slow braised pulled pork and a homemade barbeque sauce. Lucky me, I got them to visit my office building every Friday. Oh wait! You heard that right. Walt's Mac 'n Cheese topped with Pulled Pork and Barbeque Sauce. Mind is blown good!

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