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Ka-pow! Subterfuge threatens Denver Comic Con's beer-naming contest, the earth itself

Update: Denver Comic Con and Breckenridge Brewery have selected The Caped Brewsader, submitted by Nathan Bowker as the name for the new beer. And the world is safe again.

There are evil villains on the loose, trying to twist a naming contest for the special beer that is being brewed in honor of Denver Comic Con, coming up at the end of May. Last week, the organizers of the second annual festival posted a notice on their Facebook page decrying someone or someones who have been "gaming the system" by rigging the online poll to favor certain entries. Holy Suds Scandal, Batman!

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As a result, Denver Comic Con and Breckenridge Brewery, which is making the beer, have extended the voting deadline until Friday and deleted the offending entries.

"Those who were fraudulent may indeed resubmit their names, which will then start at 0 votes," the Facebook notice reads. "We realize that this has the effect of negating some legitimate votes from those stricken, but both organizations feels this pay respect to those who followed the rules fair and square. "If there is additional cheating, those entrants will be immediately and permanently disqualified."

Take that, evil villains.

Some of the top vote-getters at the moment are Kal Ale (a play on Super Man's given name), the Caped Brewsader, the Wicked Wit of the West and Super Soldier Serum.

In February, the heroes of Denver Comic Con, which runs May 31 through June 2, alighted at Breckenridge Brewery to cook up the beer, a Belgian-style wit made with Buddha's Hand fruit, which will be featured at the Colorado Convention Center and at various spots around town during the festival.

Last year, the organization brewed up an American wheat ale at Breckenridge called The Fantastic Pour. This year, organizers will take the five top vote-getters and pick a winner from them. Then they will choose a comic artist to design a tap handle logo.

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