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Reader: Denver's talent pool is overrated? Chefs are overrated, period.

The current Chef and Tell interview with Marty Steinke, exec chef at Linger, has people talking all over town. Some of the talk is about Linger, but most of it was inspired by Steinke's comment that the "talent pool in Denver is so overrated."

See the Chef and Tell interview with Linger's Marty Steinke: "The talent pool in Denver is so overrated."

And one reader thinks Steinke didn't go far enough. Says Satanofonic:

CHEFS are overrated, period. Get over yourself, you are a chef. Not a doctor, not a firefighter or Navy SEAL. You're just a chef, your cook food. ANY chef who demands that they be CALLED "Chef" is automatically a fucking clown in my book. There's ten of you puffed up, prestigious motherfuckers on every street corner in America, and 50 more coming up behind, cooking schools are shitting "chefs" faster than concept restaurants close in this cowtown.
What did you think of Marty Steinke's Chef and Tell interview? Do you think too many cooks are claiming the chef title?

Watch for a new Chef and Tell interview on Cafe Society tomorrow morning -- we think the subject definitely qualifies as a "chef."