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Celebrate Colorado's local bounty during Harvest Week

Beginning tomorrow and continuing through Friday, September 18, members of the Denver Independent Network of Restaurants (DINR), are participating in Harvest Week, a seven-day tribute that's all about supporting local independent restaurants while celebrating the ingredients that grow in our back yard. "Eating locally not only helps keep the cost of food down because it doesn't have far to travel, but also encourages the production of superior ingredients," says Elizabeth Sundari Kraft, owner of Heirloom Gardens, a local farm that grows organic vegetables and herbs.

All of the involved restaurants are offering seasonal, multi-course menus that highlight local foods, wines, spirits and microbrews, while several participating restaurants are also hosting individual dinners, events and programs in conjunction with Harvest Week. "DINR is excited to embark on a project that will raise awareness about eating locally and supporting local producers," says David Zahradnik, the president of DINR and general manager of Steuben's, one of the 34 restaurants participating in Harvest Week.

To see the complete list of restaurants and their menus, click here. And keep checking this space throughout Harvest Week for menu and event updates, as well as information about all the local products that you'll no doubt be eating.