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Drink "Tebow," a onetime only beer from Wynkoop Brewing that has righteous character

The Wynkoop Brewing Company has had some fun over the past year naming some of the one-keg-only beers that it serves as part of its Firkin Friday program.

Remember Weiner's Wood Oak-Aged IPA, which the brewery named for a certain former New York Congressman?

Now you can try something with a namesake a little closer to home. Today at 5 p.m., the brewery will tap Tebow, which is Cowtown Milk Stout -- one of the brewery's staples -- conditioned in a five-gallon cask with raspberry puree and toasted cacao nibs.

"It's a lovable, attractive beer, stout but a little sweet, muscular but approachable. With righteous character and an exciting, surprising finish," is how the brewery describes it.

Sounds like anyone you know?

Well, then how about this: While the ABV is only 4.8 percent, if you have too many, it will knock you on your ass just like opposing teams have knocked poor Tim Tebow -- the Denver Broncos tenuously starting quarterback -- on his.

"However," adds brewery spokesman Marty Jones, "It's so good you'll drop to one knee on the first taste."

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