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Steve Scott, owner-baker of Babettes: "Our bread is not burnt; it's well caramelized"

Steve Scott Babettes 3350 Brighton Boulevard 303-993-8602

This is part one of my interview with Steve Scott, owner of Babettes at the Source; part two of our conversation will run tomorrow.

Somewhere, the American queen of French cooking is smiling. And Steve Scott, the owner/baker of Babettes, which opened last year in the Source, still remembers the profound influence that Julia Child, the woman who made French cooking accessible to those who didn't know the difference between a beignet and a bisque, had on his life. "When I was growing up, I saw this Dan Aykroyd skit on Saturday Night Live, where he drinks white wine and cuts his finger off -- Julia Child-style -- and when I found out that Julia actually had her own cooking series, I started watching it, and the first time I saw her doing beef Bourguignon, I knew that I had to make it," says Scott, who was born and raised in Santa Rosa, California. "That dish was the very first thing I ever cooked, and I followed every step exactly, and I have to say, it turned out amazing; it was perfect."

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