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The Kitchen [Next Door] sets opening date of June 9

This under-construction facade fronts the newest member of the growing family of restaurants that began when The Kitchen opened on the West End of Pearl Street in Boulder. And though the crew is still hard at work installing beetle-kill floors and a bar made from reclaimed Douglas fir, the opening date for The Kitchen [Next Door] is drawing close: Kimbal Musk, owner of the eateries with Hugo Matheson, says the place will start serving up lunch and dinner on June 9.

Musk explains that [Next Door] is meant to provide a community gathering space, much like a pub (though he's also quick to explain that the place won't actually be pub-themed; it's going to follow the industrial modern look of The Kitchen).

"We want it to be the perfect place to come after getting off a job at a construction site, coming off a bike ride or hike, or for getting drinks after work," he says. "A place for any time and any audience."

To capture that demographic, the eatery will be offering up of sandwiches (Musk lists pork, lamb and a vegan beet burger, for instance), salads and soups. Everything on the board will be made entirely from local sources, and no dish will be priced higher than $9. The menu will pair with wine, beer and all-natural soda, all of which will be offered on tap. And yes, that means there won't be a single bottled beverage in the whole place, since the restaurant is attempting to become the first one in the country to go totally recycling-free. Because of that, spirits won't be available either -- at least, not yet.

"We chose not to do liquor because it'll take a few years to get that in a barrel," Musk explains, though he adds that he's open to the idea.

When the spot does open, it will serve daily from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., giving patrons the option to sit at a community table, in a banquette, at the broad bar, on the Pearl-facing patio or at a window bar shelf that boasts breathtaking views of the Flatirons.

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