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Yard House interviewing potential employees at Sheraton today

Steele Platt is back in the Denver restaurant business. The 1982 graduate of the University of Denver opened several restaurants/clubs in the Tivoli -- including Kahlua, EFEX and the Boiler Room -- back in the '80s, before the old brewery became the student union for the three colleges on the Auraria campus and Platt moved to California. That's where he transformed the Boiler Room concept into his current chain, the Yard House, which is a little more upscale -- and a lot more beery, boasting "the world's largest selection of draft beer."

He opened the first Yard House in Los Angeles in 1996 and brought the concept to Colorado Mills when that Lakewood project opened in 2002. Soon (if not as soon as originally envisioned), a second Colorado Yard House will open downtown at the Sheraton hotel, 1550 Court Place, in the old home of Bravo.

And at 10 a.m. today, Yard House personnel will be by their future restaurant, interviewing potential employees for the Sheraton restaurant -- which plans to hire about 200 workers.

If you want to be one of them, show up at the hiring center on the second floor of 1515 Cleveland Place (look for the sign in the window). Steve Bauer, regional director of Platt's Yard House Restaurants, will be coordinating the interviews, which are for both bar and kitchen staff.