Word of Mouth

Bad health reports, good pancakes at Children's Hospital

The 24/7 cafeteria at Children's Hospital has long been known for its pancakes, which survived the trip from the old facility in central Denver out to the new Children's campus in Aurora. Years ago, Westword columnist Marty Jones flipped over the flapjacks in his Consumed column; just this fall, renowned restaurateur Frank Bonanno (of Mizuna, Luca D'Italia and Osteria Marco) touted them as "bar none, the best pancakes in the city."

But there may not be a run on the pancakes this morning: Last night 9News reported "Children's repeatedly fails kitchen inspections. Over the past year, Tri-County Health inspectors had found 38 violations at the Children's Hospital cafeteria over the past year, including moldy and rotting food, and dirty floors, the station said. The hospital has since corrected the problems identified by the repeated inspections.

But still: Hold the syrup.