Openings and Closings

Pho So 1 becomes Pho Le -- and gets new owners and a new menu

For the past few years, Pho So 1 has hawked pho and beef noodle soup from its free-standing spot at 1195 South Federal Boulevard. But at the beginning of this year, it was sold to a new owner -- and became Pho Le.

And that new owner, whose name is Phong Le, is also making changes to the menu.

"We added about twenty new items," says Minh Tran, an employee at the restaurant.

Those new items are mostly variations on traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup, that dark, brothy bowl of chewy noodles and assorted -- and sometimes unidentifiable -- animal parts that make us love places like this so much.

Le has added traditional Vietnamese stews, too, as well as a wonton soup. The spot has kept Pho So 1's list of pho, though, but it will now make those dishes according to its own recipes.

For more information, dial 303-935-6264.

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