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I Blame the Vegetarians for Bastien's

Making for home down East Colfax Avenue yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice two things. One: the recent warmth has certainly brought some color back to the bums and sign-fliers working our most storied stretch of blacktop. And two: It looks as though Bastien’s, which has held down its space at 3501 East Colfax for well over a half-century, has suspended its lunch service as of June 8.

After seeing the sign, I put in a quick call to my favorite flying-saucer-shaped steakhouse and got owner Jeannine Bastien on the phone. “Not enough business,” was her simple explanation for the sudden cessation. And while she said she couldn’t complain about the kinds of numbers Bastien’s is doing at night and on the weekends, there just isn’t enough trade to support the place as a two-a-day.

See? This is what you people get for not eating enough steaks for lunch. I guess it’s back to Club 404 for me… -- Jason Sheehan