Openings and Closings

Free fro-yo draws camped-out crowds at pre-opening Pinkberry party

Okay, to all the nutcases who showed up last night for Pinkberry's preview party: What the hell were you thinking? I mean, some of you actually stood in line for well over an hour in your neon pink Polo shirts and short skirts just go get a free swirl of Pinkberry pomegranate frozen yogurt. Just in case you were wondering, it's not like there were hundred dollar bills attached to the spoons.

But you still waited an hour. And then some. For frozen yogurt.

Pinkberry CEO Ron Graves surveyed the lines, which he's seen before, all over the world whenever a new Pinkberry launches, and shook his head and smiled. "We'd better enjoy it now, because the lines won't stay like this," he modestly predicted, adding that he was "thrilled" to be in Denver for the opening. "Denver is a really great city and an exciting market for us to be in," he said. And clearly Denverites are excited that his fro-yo emporium has finally landed in the Mile High City. What's next? A-list celebrities?

Colorado's second Pinkberry -- the first one is located at 1000 South Colorado Boulevard in Glendale -- will likely see a similar crowd burst in July, when it opens at 1600 Glenarm Street, downtown. "We like to concentrate on just one store at a time, acknowledged Graves, "but we definitely have plans to add several more Colorado locations in the future."

In the meantime, the Glendale Pinkberry opens to the public today. Bet you anything there's a line. Thing is? The yogurt really is that good.