Reader: The paint job on Pasquini's looks like a six-year-old did it

Pasquini's is back on East 17th Avenue, a mile further west than where it had had opened up shop on this strip years ago, then closed that franchise earlier this year. The original 17th Avenue restaurant was in a little Victorian house, but the new location is a massive space, the former home of J.R.'s, a two-story structure with a New Orleans feel.

And a very odd new mural on the side of the building.

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Says EUptown:

The paint job looks like someone left the decision to a 6 yr old. The neighborhood hates it. And for the owner to spread a rumor that the paint job was done to "honor" the gay-bar history of the building is an insult to gay people everywhere. If the owner's judgment is that bad, God knows what the food and service will be like.

What do you think of the paint job on the new Pasquini's? Post your thoughts below.