Openings and Closings

Owners of Aurora's Seoul BBQ to open Q Table BBQ in Northglenn

Veteran restaurant owners James and Lily Kwon opened their first Colorado place, Seoul BBQ, 2080 South Havana Street in Aurora, three years ago. That spot is a Korean barbecue joint that serves up a traditional feast, complete with complimentary banchan side dishes, grilled meats and hot pots, and sikhye, a sweet rice drink that closes each meal. But while other Korean barbecue joints focus as much on the gimmicks as the food, the Kwons removed the flashy aspects of the dining experience at Seoul BBQ, offering diners a chance to experience the ritual in a more upscale setting.

Now they're taking that concept to Northglenn, where Q Table BBQ will open at 311 West 104th Street later this month.

Q Table will further remove dining thrills by adding a buffet of traditional Korean offerings.

And though dishes will still be available for grilling at the table at their new place, the Kwons hope the addition of a buffet will make Korean cuisine even more approachable.

For more information, contact the Kwons at Seoul BBQ by dialing 303-632-7576.