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Seizure salad: a scam to do Fred Sanford proud

Baltimore's Andrew Palmer is one cunning con, who had a slick scam going to grab some free grub.

Palmer had been hitting the nicer restaurants in town as a solo diner, and when the bill was dropped on his table, he suddenly claimed he was having a seizure -- think Fred Sanford at his most histrionic -- and in the ensuing confusion, the tab was forgotten. A few of the destinations he'd allegedly bilked over the past few months: the Capital Grille, Burke's Cafe, Ding How Restaurant and a dainty place called Maisy's Restaurant.

In fact, Palmer was at Maisy's -- trying out his scam in order to get out of a $31.75 tab -- when the officer responding to the report of a customer in distress recognized him from his prior shenanigans and was able to pin the tail on this donkey and haul him to jail.

According to this report on the criminal complaint, each meal was less than $100. At Ding How, for instance, he racked up about $40 in food and drinks before faking a seizure and being taken to Johns Hopkins for treatment.

Wonder how much MSG was in that meal?

Fred Sanford would be proud.