Cafe Society

Weitzman Makes a Move

A quick update on ex-Café Star chef Rebecca Weitzman’s New York adventure. When I checked out her work at Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain in Manhattan, I loved the food and hated just about everything else. Now I just got word that Weitzman has put in her notice and is once again leaving the Flay sweatshop for more promising work way down around the Lower East Side/Chinatown/Bowery neighborhoods.

According to Weitzman's e-mail, she’ll be taking over as chef de cuisine at Inoteca -- a solidly and seriously regional Italian joint created by the guys who made their name with ‘ino and Lupa in New York. “This job will be a refreshing change because I will be running the kitchen, creating the menu and all specials,” Weitzman told me. “I have missed being creative and decided to follow my love of Italian cuisine and seasonal local food. I can’t wait.”

Neither can I. Looks like it’s about time to start booking another trip to the big city… -- Jason Sheehan