Word of Mouth

London retailer debuts world's most expensive ham leg

During truffle season, chef Daniel Boulud serves a $150 black truffle burger, stuffed with braised ribs and foie gras, at DB Bistro Moderne in the Big Apple. At Serendipity 3, also in New York, the Golden Opulence Tahitian vanilla ice cream sundae, garnished in a 23-carat edible gold leaf, sells for $1,000. A four-pound container of Almas caviar, which comes from Iranian sturgeons that are between 60 and 100 years old, will set you back nearly fifty grand. And now a hog leg has been added to the list of the world's most expensive eats.

The Albarragena ham (the world's first DNA-certified), which hails from the Spanish province of Extremadura, is available in fifteen pound legs and costs a whopping £1,800 -- which converts to $2,936.64, to be exact. It can be purchased at the London mega-retailer Selfridges, which specializes in exquisite clothing, housewares and food delicacies. The pigs were selected by Spanish pig farmer Manuel Mondando, and were fed a diet of acorns and roots in order to provide a unique flavor. The legs were then cured for three years before being wrapped in a custom-tailored apron and sealed in a handmade wooden box. But here's the real kicker: Each ham leg comes with a DNA certificate. People don't even come with DNA certificates.

"The leg may seem to have a large price tag but when you think about the amount of care taken from breeding right through to the curing, it is actually amazing value," says Selfridges fresh food purchaser Andrew Cavanna, "Every single gram will be savoured as one of life's incredible gourmet luxuries."