Ethiopian Restaurant's veggie dishes are simple, but special

You've probably driven past the Ethiopian Restaurant dozens of times without giving it a second glance -- unless it was to scope out the green, yellow and red paint adorning the entire building. But if you stop and go inside for a meal, we're certain you'll never overlook this spot again.

You might catch a glimpse of the cook sitting next to the counter as you walk in; that's her cue to make tracks to the back and start preparing your food. Top to bottom, inside and out, this is a simple spot; the dining room is decorated with wall-hangings and posters from Ethiopia.

There's a small wine and beer list, and you can also get Ethiopian coffee. The menu is small and simple, too, with no real appetizers to speak of. But everything on it is delicious.

The vegetarian special ($9.95) above might not look as pretty as some plate arrangements, but we preferred it this way, since our group included a meat-eater who also ordered a dish of the steak "special tibs." Our server asked if we would like the vegetarian dishes arranged on the spongy injera, but we declined -- which saved the veggie-eaters at the table from a pool of steak-tainted butter and hot sauce on the communal platter.

Included in the special were spicy lentils, yellow split peas, green lentils, cabbage and potatoes. Apart from the butter in the potato dish, it was all vegan-friendly, too.

If you're with a crowd, there's also a vegetarian combination platter for $12.95 per person that's recommended for groups of four or larger. Whatever you decide, visit an ATM before you head to dinner, because Ethiopian Restaurant is a cash-only establishment.

Fore more information, call 303-322-5939.

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