Cafe Society

Guess where Governor Bill Ritter is eating?

I'm not actually going to make you guess, because his food was wrapped in plastic and I didn't have a camera anyway, but I will relay the story:

Bill Ritter loves him some Senor Burritos.

Ritter's blue SUV pulled in front of the restaurant (12 East 1st Avenue) around 12:45 this afternoon, and instead of sending in some lowly staffer, which is what I would totally do if I was governor -- "Get me some flautas, damnit!" -- he lumbered out of the car and into the spot himself.

Being a nosy little bastard, I asked him what he was having: Beef-and-bean burrito, smothered in cheese and green chile, with a side of chips and guac. "All for myself," he said. "I'm hungry today."

So was I, so I stopped talking to him and returned to my enchiladas, happy to know my lunch was good enough for a governor.