Beer Man

A new brewery will pour Denver's Tivoli beer for the first time since 1969

It's not the same recipe, but it's close -- and that's all that mattered to an old beer drinker who tried out a new version of one of Denver's most historic brews: Tivoli. "His face was ear-to-ear smiles. He kept saying, 'This is it, this is it,'" says Corey Marshall, who will pour Tivoli beer today for first time since the original company stopped brewing in 1969.

Over the past year, Marshall and his wife, Debbie, have been acquiring the rights to the biggest beer names and trademarks from Denver's 153-year brewing past. In addition to Tivoli, they own the rights to Zang's, Sigi's, Neef's and Hi En Brau. Their goal is to brew some or all of these beers using close approximations of the original recipes.

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