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Freebie alert! Two-for-one Jamba Juice smoothies until August 9

With catchy names like "Mango-a-go-go," "Strawberry Surf Rider," "Aloha Pineapple" and "Razzmatazz," it's not as if Jamba Juice has to actually do a whole lot more to thrill its smoothie fans, but, damn, those healthy-beverage pushers at the top of the California-headquartered smoothie chain are sure going to try. How, you ask? By unleashing two-for-one smoothies every day from now until Sunday, August 9. Print out the coupon above or, if for some weird reason this page doesn't smooth you, go to the Jamba Juice website, where you can also print out the coupon and, while you're at it, check out the time-wasting Jamba Maze Chase, which is just like Pac-Man, but with smoothies and fruit (the good stuff) zapping the fries and cheeseburgers (the better stuff).