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Denver's Gluten Free Gladiator is Mr. May

According to some of our prognosticators in "Trends Without End," this town's gluten-free obsession will only grow next year -- and that's just one reason to pick up the 2013 Gluten Free Calendar. A more compelling reason? Mr. May is Denver's own Brian Gansmann, who had close to twenty years' experience as a foods executive (while living in Chicago, he was also on the ad team that came up with the porkerific slogan "the other white meat") when he was diagnosed with celiac disease. See also: - Trends Without End: Dining insiders offer predictions for 2013 - The Gluten Gladiator will tell you how to defeat wheat

"You'll figure it out," Gansmann remembers his doctor telling him after his diagnosis. And he did: He checked three books on celiac disease out of the library, but couldn't find anything in them on "how to shop, how to build a plate, how to travel on business or pleasure, or how a gluten-free diet could accentuate your current exercise routine," he remembers. So he returned them to the library and checked out How to Write a Book instead.

A month later, he had a deal to write Defeat Wheat -- and in less than a year, it had landed on Amazon's bestsellers list. Gansmann himself (pictured above) landed the prime position of May -- which is Celiac Awareness Month -- on the Gluten Free Calendar, which also stars Olympic gold medalist Dana Vollmer and Shannon Ford, Mrs. United States 2011.

"No matter how far you are into your gluten-free or celiac journey, please know that you are not alone," says Chandice Probst, founder of the Gluten Free Calendar. "We will help you see the joy that can be found as you find ways to celebrate celiac and the gluten-free life!"

And they'll also give you quite an eyeful of the gluten-free Gansmann. Order your copy now at www.glutenfreecalendar.com.

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