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Reader: White Americans Think Chipotle Is Real Mexican

There are certain things people from Denver say all the time -- like, for instance, "This is the best city in the country, but please stop telling everyone!" So earlier this week, our Latest Word blog published the top ten things you never hear someone from Denver say. Number 5? "I wish I could find some decent Mexican food."

Our readers have plenty of things to say about that. See also: Ten Things No One From Denver Ever Says

There's the usual Colorado versus California talk, like this from Charles:

I thought about number 5, too, but then I remembered those moaners aren't from Denver. Usually they're from California reminiscing about some rundown Taqueria in California.

And the usual Colorado versus Texas talk:

Says Sean:

I agree with all but the Mexican food. I have yet to find a place that is Tex-Mex instead of drowned in green chili.
Responds NeedzMoarCowbell :
Den-Mex is drowned in green chile. We like it that way. Tex-Mex can be found in Texas. Go south until you get to the really, really good greeen chile, then take a left.

And finally, the real Mexican versus gringo talk:

Says Eric:

Why is it only white people complaining about Mexican food? I know a handful of places with godass mexican just don't know where to go.
Adds Rene:
White Americans think Chipotle is real Mexican. Nuff said.
What do you think of the Mexican food in Denver? For suggestions of some favorites and many, many more comments, see "Ten Things No One From Denver Ever Says."