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Reader: Highland's Garden needs someone with passion for the business to buy the place

Highland's Garden Cafe closed on August 31, shutting down for the season. But will the sixteen-year-old restaurant reopen next spring? The property -- two connected, converted Victorians on a lovely spot in northwest Denver filled with patios and gardens -- is on the block for more than a million bucks. See also: Highland's Garden Cafe on the block for a million bucks

Says DenverDave:

I'd just like to see someone with some passion for the business buy this place. It is so lovely but the current owners clearly aren't into it any more - first they're open - then they're closed - you never knew - closed more than open overall. Plus, it was way overpriced IMO. Sometimes it was great many years ago but often not worth the $$$$ lately. I'd like to buy the recipe for bread pudding with caramel sauce though.
Did you eat at Highland's Garden Cafe this past season? What did you think? What would you like to see in this space?