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The Dish on Dish Bistro: Delicious

Not everyone is comforted by mashed potatoes and big bowls of pasta. Some people like pad thai. Some people like sushi. Some people (though not me) are comforted by piles of truffle-scented shoestring fries. This board is comfort food for the well-traveled, the very well-fed, the occasionally heartbroken. It’s a mess but it works because it is all variations on a theme: the foods that Leigh Jones likes and hopes you will, too.

Yes, that Leigh Jones -- the better half of the onetime Leigh-and-Robert-Thompson restaurant group that brought Denver such beautiful successes and wondrous failures as Brasserie Rouge and B-52 Billiards -- is at it again, this time at her new place, Dish Bistro. From the horrors of a beer-and-ice-cream float to the perfect simplicity of mussels and garlic bread pudding, you can read about it all in this week’s review.

And when you’re done with that, I’ve also got a story of waking Mel’s in its final days, some sweet news from Tula, and a special report by my new favorite eighth-grade restaurant critic who puts the boot to Richard Sandoval’s La Sandia restaurant. She’s even more vicious than I was, and that’s saying something. -- Jason Sheehan