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Oh My God! Double rainbow YouTube video inspires mind-blowing beer

"Oh My God! Oh My God!"

What's more amazing than a double rainbow?

How about a double rainbow beer. "What does it mean??!!"

Trinity Brewing in Colorado Springs has decided to brew Double Rainbow Saison, a Belgian-style beer based on the double rainbow YouTube video that went viral last week after Jimmy Kimmel tweeted it:

my friend Todd has declared this "funniest video in the world" - he might very well be right than a minute ago via web

And Trinity owner Jason Yester has invited video maker Paul Vasquez -- now an Internet celebrity -- out from California for the beer's tapping on September 15.

The beer, a collaboration with the very small Black Fox Brewing Company (which only makes saisons), also in Colorado Springs - will be inspired by the colors of the double rainbow, says Trinity president Jason Yester.

Yellow: turmeric and honey;
Orange: pumpkin and tangerine zest
Green: green peppercorns and parsley
Red: saffron and rose hips
Purple: purple barley and raisened Shiraz or Syrah varietal grapes
Blue: blue corn and agave nectar

In fact, Trinity and Black Fox plan to brew a collaborative Saison every year.

"It'll be cool, if you save the bottles each year, after ten years, you will literally be able to see a historical documentation of progressive culture... I thought that was pretty cool," Yester says.

"Whoa!" It will make you cry, and its rays will knock you over.

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