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Meet Mile High Chef Contestant Jay Spickelmier

Jay Spickelmier, executive chef at Jing, will face off against Sergio Romero, executive chef at Argyll Gastropub, in the Mile High Chef Competition at Dish-the Westword Menu Affair at the Fillmore tonight.

Before the cooking competition gets too heated, we asked both chefs to dish out some thoughts on Denver's dining scene. In this corner: Jay Spickelmier.

Denver has the best: Location as far as bringing the East and West Coasts together, thereby creating a lot of fusion.

What you'd like to see more of in Denver from a culinary standpoint: More local produce, especially specialty items like purple cauliflower, which goes along with my wish for a more vibrant farm-to-table approach in restaurants. I'd also love to see a great late-night eatery for us chefs to dine at after we get off work.

What you'd like to see less of in Denver from a culinary standpoint: Processed and fast food.

Favorite Denver restaurant other than your own: TAG, Troy Guard's new restaurant in Larimer Square. He's got bone marrow and rabbit empanadas on the menu, which I find very cool.

Favorite local ingredient: Colorado lamb.