Sample the winter offerings from Kim & Jake's Cakes for free at the shop's open house

The holiday season is nigh, and that means dessert season is officially upon us. We'll be eating our way through as many pies, cakes and cookies as we can get our hands on until New Year's rolls around and we make our annual resolution to go back to the gym.

Before that day, though, we've got free rein to stock up on pastries, and we think the seasonal menu of cakes and pies at Boulder's Kim & Jake's Cakes, 641 South Broadway, looks pretty delicious.

Kim and Jake Rosenbarger are rolling out a list that includes pumpkin cake with cream-cheese icing, a mint cake terrine covered in chocolate ganache, and eggnog pie, which we'd gladly take as a reprieve from all the pumpkin and pecan varieties we'll be eating at Thanksgiving dinner.

The best part? The couple is throwing a party and offering free samples of all their new treats at their shop this Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. If you like what you taste, you can place orders on the spot.

Get your sweet feast on: You've got 44 days before resolution time.

For more information about Kim and Jake's party, call 303-499-9126.