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Reader: You guys forgot Best Mexican Restaurant!

Over the thirty years of the Best of Denver, we've made a few changes: We now do our Readers' Poll in two rounds, for example, and the first round of voting ends tonight; a second round with just the five finalists in each category will start late next week. And some things have not changed: Our poll includes only a fraction of the categories that will appear in the final issue, which hits the streets March 27.

One category that we can guarantee will not be in the issue: Best Mexican Restaurant. From the start, we decided that because people go to this city's Mexican restaurants (and quasi- Mexican restaurants) for so many different things -- strong margs, free chips and salsa, great green chile, great red chile and, increasingly, actually authentic Mexican dishes -- we divide that field into many, many categories. See also: First round of Best of Denver 2014 voting ends February 14

Bondadprevalece noticed the gap on the Readers' Poll:

You guys pretty egregiously forgot "Best Mexican Restaurant." Please don't tell me that category was meant to be covered by "Best Burrito."
No, it will be covered by probably two dozen categories by the time we're done putting the issue together. But in the meantime, here's a challenge: What would you name as the absolutely Best Mexican Restaurant in metro Denver?

Post your answer below -- or write it in on the "Best Award We Forgot" line on our poll, which you'll find here.