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Reader: Eggnog is the perfect way to consume cheap bourbon

Is everyone already full of holiday cheer? After Jenn Wohletz unwrapped her five worst X-mas foods -- including everything from date nut balls to popcorn tins -- defenders of Royal Dansk rose up in defense of the Danish cookies. And even eggnog got a pass from some readers. See also:Five worst x-mas foods -- knock off the eggnog!

Says tropicalchrome1:

No such thing as too much cream. This is what allows eggnog to absorb insane amounts of bourbon so you can look seasonally festive while getting sloshed. If you're too full before the alcohol takes effect, you haven't added enough.

And eggnog is the perfect way to consume the bottles of cheap bourbon (rum, etc.) that you wouldn't dare drink straight lest you dissolve your taste buds and stomach lining that were gifts from well-meaning friends and relatives who have no taste in liquor whatsoever. Or at least serve it to your guests.

. Hmmm... dipping a Royal Dansk cookie in bourbon-saturated eggnog could be quite the holiday treat. What other foods are you looking forward to?