The Denver Roller Dolls announce the name of their signature beer, Lead Jammer Lager

One hundred and sixty nine votes later, the Denver Roller Dolls have a name for their signature Wynkoop Brewing Company beer: Denver Roller Dolls Lead Jammer Lager.

The beer, brewed especially for the Dolls, is reportedly a "pre-Prohibition-style lager" that's "smooth and elegant." The Dolls held a contest to name it, and by Monday, had narrowed down the selection to ten possible monikers. Then, last night, the Wynkoop threw a launch party for the brew, where attendees voted on which name they liked best. One beer = one vote.

So, more accurately, one hundred and sixty-nine beers later, the Dolls's brew was christened. The chosen name is a mouthful and may not mean much to non-roller derby fans. For all you newbies, the "jammer" is the skater who scores points during a "jam," which is a two-minute countdown period during which points are scored, by passing the other team's skaters. But what's a "lead jammer," you ask? Here's a definition, courtesy of Wikipedia:

The first jammer to legally pass all pivots and blockers once the jam begins wins the status of lead jammer for the remainder of the jam. The lead jammer can decide to end the jam at any time before the 2 minutes are up. She does this by placing her hands on her hips repeatedly, which signals the referee to officially call off the jam.

Got it? Good. Now go get drunk.