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Chef Dylan Moore on fish sauce, the Taco Nazis and effing up snapper Veracruz

Dylan Moore Deluxe 30 South Broadway 303-722-1550 Delite 32 South Broadway 303-722-1278 Deluxe Burger 5325 East Colfax Avenue 303-333-5683

This is part one of Lori Midson's interview with Dylan Moore, exec chef of Deluxe, Delite and Deluxe Burger, To read part two of that interview, check this space tomorrow.

"This," proclaims Dylan Moore, stretching out his arms, "is my own little Chipotle." We're camped out at Deluxe Burger, chatting about Moore's rapid rise from a fruit squeezer and buser at Lucile's Creole Cafe, which is owned by his mother, to sharing the line with iconic star chef Jeremiah Tower at Stars in San Francisco (a restaurant where Mario Batali also did a stint), to his current role as chef/owner of Deluxe, Delite, a new Deluxe street-food truck called the Little Orange Rocket, and Deluxe Burger.