Flagstaff House cancels its beer dinner, but here's a six-pack of other beer-and-food pairings you shouldn't miss

The beer extravaganza of the year is upon us. Starting this weekend, hundreds of breweries from around the country will descend upon the Mile High City for the Denver Beer Fest and the Great American Beer Festival.

With so many rare brewed beverages suddenly available, it takes a lot of willpower to not drink until our livers explode, drifting off into a ten-day bender in which we consume nothing but ales and lagers. Luckily, many brewers have our health in mind, helping mitigate the effects of binge-drinking by holding beer dinners. Because consuming five beers over the course of a meal is totally not the same as consuming five beers over the course of a drunken, debauchery-filled evening. Right?