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Name the candy in the poopy-looking diaper

Aubrey's expecting her first baby any day now, and at a recent shower her friends presented her and other shower-goers with the following challenge: Identify the chocolate bar that has been melted down in a diaper to look like really disgusting poo.

While we certainly all hope that her baby's dirty diapers don't reach the level of grossness that these melted candy bars have achieved, at least we can take solace in the fact that these poopy diapers are made of 100 percent delicious candy.

So our challenge to you, dear candy fans, is to see if you can name the melted chocolate bars in the diapers above. Aubrey was presented with five candy choices and went five for five, earning her an unmelted chocolate bar and a chance to retain her candy cred. We're only giving you three diapers to look at, but you still have a list of five possibilities to choose from. Post your best guess and the first person to get all three correct wins a stash of our grossest leftover candy to sample and enjoy.

The three diapers shown are either: Hershey's with peanuts, Three Musketeers, Snickers, Baby Ruth or Butterfinger. Tell us which number diaper corresponds to the correct candy bar and you win. You can click on the photo for a better view.