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Dinner Lab, a pop-up restaurant concept, expands to Denver

Pop-up restaurants aren't new to Denver; they hit their peak of popularity in the dark days of the Great Recession, when one-night private-supper clubs in unusual locations were a feasible way for out-of-work chefs to bring in a few dollars while providing high-end cuisine to cash-strapped food lovers. While cash can still be hard to come by, over the past couple of years new restaurant openings have proceeded at a breathtaking pace. Cooks of all levels of skill and accomplishment barely have time to sharpen their knives, much less pull off invite-only dinners unlikely to build loyal customers or lead to higher-paying jobs. But New Orleans-based Dinner Lab thinks it has found a way to profit from the pop-up trend while also offering more benefits to up-and-coming cooks and chefs.

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