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Reader: The Furr's selection was divine for a very young man -- simply divine

Furr's got its start in New Mexico in 1946, when Roy Furr opened his first spot in Hobbs. From there it grew into a regional chain of family restaurants, ultimately morphing from Furr's Cafetaria to Furr's Fresh Buffet & Family Dining. But today if you want to dine at any Furr's, your closest option is back in New Mexico -- the last Furr's has closed in Colorado. Its disappearance brought back a lot of memories for Denver native Bree Davies, who writes: "But that's the problem with a place like Furr's Cafeteria -- it is celebrated for what it used to be, a place frozen in a time when jello is still considered a side item (not just a thing you eat when you're sick and your body can only process red dye #40-colored collagen from pigs)." Her memories of Furr's inspired many more.

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Says Douglas:

My family struggled financially when I was a child. Still, once a month we went out to eat and it was at Furr's. The selection was divine for a very young man. Simply divine.
Says Christie:
I will always have fond memories of Furr's and Wyatt's. Nothing said weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's like a stop at one of these locations. It was a kids heaven! Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey and endless dessert. Sure, as I've grown into adulthood and my palate has developed significantly, that would not be a favored choice. However, I would give anything to have one more dinner with my now passed loved ones at any of these places. Bittersweet memories.
And Beth not only has memories, but a good explanation of why Furr's is gone:
We ate there a lot when I was a kid, and when my kids were little. Always makes me think of family. The food used to be good, but I the past ten years or so, the food quality went down, and the servers slopped your food in a dish, like they were pissed off that you were there. We finally quit eating there.
Did you eat at Furr's? What other old-time places do you miss?