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After devilish delays, El Diablo opens to angels and demons on Friday

Jesse Morreale takes me by the hand and leads me down a narrow passageway, past the rustic wooden tequila lockers and kaleidoscopic altar littered with white candles, and into the lantern-lit dining room of El Diablo, the new Mexican restaurant at First and Broadway that he and executive chef Sean Yontz have spent more than two years putting together, an endeavor admits Morreale, that's been anything but easy. "It was a really complicated project with lots of hurdles, and yes, it's been frustrating, but the setbacks also afforded us the time to be thoughtful about the design, overall concept, menu and operations."

El Diablo was slated to open in April of 2009. Now, almost a year and a half later, the stunning space will finally be revealed on Friday, when it opens for dinner.