Cafe Society

Guess where I'm eating?

 So, yeah, see those tacos in the above pic? You'll NEVER guess where they came from. I was shocked speechless when I saw tacos -- street tacos, mind you -- on a bar menu that really has no business pimping tacos. No, this is a watering hole that by all accounts and purposes should be pushing as much fried crap as possible, if only because there's a Jagermeister machine that sits front and center at the bar -- and if you're going to poison yourself with that shit, then sticks of previously frozen fried cheese are what you deserve. 

But this is not that kind of hell-bar. In fact, the whole board is Mexican and the soft corn tacos, served three to an order (or four, if you like even numbers), are their siren song. True, they taint their guacamole with tomatoes, but aside from that, I have nothing to complain about. Except to complain that I wish I would have known about these tacos sooner.

Good luck with pinpointing their exact location.