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Upslope will release #GABF award-winning Pumpkin Ale in tallboys

Upslope Brewing will release two more Limited Edition beers this year in cans, following up on its Foreign Style Stout, which debuted in a can in January, and Belgian Style Pale Ale, which came out in June. But both beers, Pumpkin Ale and Christmas Ale, will be in sixteen-ounce tallboys rather than twelve-ounce cans.

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The Pumpkin Ale won a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2011 in the Field Beer or Pumpkin Beer category (Turnip the Beets from Bull & Bush won the bronze).

At the time, Upslope founder Matt Cutter said that brewing a large batch of the Pumpkin Ale would be a logistical nightmare because the brewery makes it by sending pumpkins from Munson Farms home with all of its staff so they can bake them in their own ovens.

So, this year, Upslope will hire a professional kitchen to handle that job. The beer will be brewed on August 24, Cutter says, and should be packaged in mid-September.

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