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Chef and Tell, part two: Zengo's Clint Wangsnes

Clint Wangsnes Zengo 1610 Little Raven Street 720-904-0965

This is part two of Lori Midson's interview with Clint Wangsnes, chef of Zengo. Read part one of that Q&A.

Rules of conduct in your kitchen: I have high expectations of all of my staff. I expect them to give me their all during every shift, to treat the kitchen as if it was their own, to take pride in their work, stay organized and focused, taste everything they're making and, most important, if it's not right, fix it. And I absolutely won't allow sauté pans or pots on the cutting boards. It disrespects the cutting board. I also won't allow anyone to call in sick. You have to come in, and if you're green, then I'll send you home -- unless you have a doctor's note.