Sean Kenyon Wins $10,000 and the Domaine de Canton Bartender of the Year Title

As if a trip to St. Maarten wasn't enough of a prize, Sean Kenyon, bar manager of Steuben's, just brought home top honors in the Domaine de Canton Bartender of the Year competition. And, as foam on the cocktail, he also brought home a check for a cool $10,000.

"I'm fucking psyched," says Kenyon, as well he should be. Kenyon went up against serious competitors from other semi-finalist bartending competitions that took place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and Boston. Kenyon recently won a regional competition here in Denver, and he's the second Colorado bartender in as many months to win an international cocktail competition. Mark Stoddard, the chief mixologist of Bitter Bar, took home gold in the 42 Below international competition in Australia last month, which just shows the prowess of our local bartenders.

Today, Domaine de Canton: tomorrow, the world!