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Reader: I was sick, but Casa Bonita still made me order food

caWhat's on your culinary bucket list for 2014? Love it or hate it, many people will be visiting Casa Bonita, that Pepto Bismol-pink palace. Says Aloh: "I don't care what anyone says, it's an experience you have to have in your life." For your kid's sake, if not your own, judging from the following comment: See also: Everyone should go to Casa Bonita once, if only to see why Cartman loved it

Says Ken:

I once threw up in their parking lot before we even went in, and they still made me order food. The things we do for our kids. Too sick to even order a margarita, but my kiddos had a great time!
Now, that's dedication: A man who needed his own bucket to check off this item on the bucket list.

Whether or not you plan to visit Casa Bonita this year, what else is on your culinary bucket list for 2014?