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We have a winner of Civic Center Park's new pavement feast name game contest

If you've been following this blog, then you know that we announced a contest a few weeks ago, where we asked Cafe Society readers to suggest a name for the new street food pavement feast at Civic Center Park, which is already home to Tuesday's Civic Center Eats.

The expanded grubbing ground now includes a daily sprawl of several street food carts and trucks, and while breakfast hours were originally part of the deal, it's now a lunch-only feedlot, and thanks to one Cafe Society reader, it's got a potential name.

Lindy Eichenbaum Lent, executive director of the Civic Center Conservancy, the nonprofit that launched Civic Center Eats, huddled with her cohorts to sort through the proposed names and Nick C, who suggested "Civic Center StrEATS," is the victor of the name game contest, which entitles him to two lunch vouchers to blow on food at the pavement powwow.

Nick, we've sent you an e-mail letting you know how to claim your prize.

As for the name, which is similar to the Boulder-based StrEat Chefs and Littleton's Street Eats cart, Lent says that the Conservatory is looking into whether or not it's a conflict, but that even if they can't use that title, it's still their favorite.

Nick will need to use those vouchers sooner, rather than later, however, since some of the participating street food vendors are starting to hibernate for the winter, while others are scaling back their days. "But we still have existing vendors -- and new vendors who will soon be joining us," says Lent. "They want to continue giving daily vending in Civic Center a try through December, and while the weather will undoubtedly make an impact on some days, the vendor roster and schedule will continue to evolve , and for now at least, the Civic Center daily vending experiment will continue."

In the meantime, adds Lent, "we definitely need customers to support these local street food vendors who are helping to bring activity -- and incredible food -- to Civic Center.

In other words, get your ass over to Civic Center Park and eat.