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Reader: Will Bar Rescue change Zanzibar name? It reminds me of that Tenacious D song

Tonight the new look of Zanzibar Billiards will be unveiled on Spike TV's Bar Rescue. For the past four days, Jon Taffer and crew have been at Zanzibar, studying the spot and then executing a major update of both its concept and design.

The new Zanzibar will be unveiled tonight at 9 p.m. And in the meantime, regulars have plenty to say about the place -- and its name, whose spelling could also use an update.

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Says Christopher:

I like that show. I just hope they don't change the name because I can't help but quote Tenacious D's "Fuck Her Gently" every time I pass this place

What do you think of the Zanzibar/ZanZBar name? What changes would you like to see here?