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Candy Girls: Kazoozles Pink Lemonade

We're big fans of licorice, from deep black salted discs to bright red strawberry ropes. That's just by way of saying that while we appreciate the real stuff, we're not snobs when it comes to fruit-flavored tubes that have never even heard of licorice root. But even with an affinity for chewy candies with a sour kick, we were wary as we scoped out one of Wonka's new treats, Pink Lemonade Kazoozles.  We can get behind Technicolor candy, but the bubblegum pink goo peeking out the end of these did nothing to whet our appetites.

The grooved ropes were a bright, lemony yellow and sanded with sour sugar. The bite on these was similar to a red licorice rope: soft, but with enough heft to feel like a substantial candy.  (Perhaps this quality is what the tagline "delickoricious chewy snack" refers to.)  The gooey middle had an off-putting consistency at first, somewhere between chewed gum and canned cherry frosting, and it remained a bit gritty on the tongue. It didn't t seem to add any extra flavor profile other than a mild fake cherry.

The lemonade part of Kazoozles wasn't bad at all: It packed a nice sour punch that stayed with you throughout the chew. But did the pink cherry filling add anything to the candy? While you could argue that it's mostly a gimmick, since the soft center melts away under the heavier flavor and texture of the rope, we ended up wishing it wasn't there at all. Yes, it was generally inoffensive to the tastebuds, but if we're going to pick out a chewy sour candy to enjoy, we'd prefer it without a cream filling.

Would we finish the candy?  Yes

Would we buy again?
    Probably not; we're more likely to stick to a more straightforward rope

Rating: 3 out of 5