Word of Mouth

Starbucks gets the royal treatment from Burger King

Starbucks must be in a cup of hot water.

Why else would it team up with Burger King to sell its branded "Seattle's Best Coffee" this summer, at prices ranging from $1 to $2.79 for a cup of java? McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts have been pumping out their own signature coffee for the past couple of years -- and apparently Burger King has seen its market share drop because of its lousy coffee.

But now, by partnering with the world's most recognizable coffee brand, Burger King is hoping to start collecting the in-store fortunes that other fast-food joints are reaping.

The joint java agreement between these two behemoths means that there will be more choices along the shopping corridors. We can now expect to see panhandlers being able to afford a decent cup of coffee, even if it's not quite Starbucks. We might even witness a coffee war waged on the corners of the 16th Street Mall: Ronald McDonald using his size 35 shoe against the shell head of the Burger King mascot while some pasty pastry guy from Dunkin Donuts tosses cream-filled Long Johns at the two.

And if there's a lucky bystander nearby, they might get a coffee and donut to go.