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Food (and hot firefighter) porn from the firefighter chili cook-off in Larimer Square

Last Friday afternoon, on Larimer Square, hundreds of hardbody firefighters from local and national fire and rescue units across the country battled it out in the 23rd annual chili cook-off, a spirited combat whose proceeds benefited the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The firefighters, some of whom went to great lengths to convince the crowds that their chili was tops (playfully accusing fellow firefighters, for example, of making "flatulent chili", while insisting that theirs was "fart-free"), doled out everything from chili con carne and breakfast burritos ladled with green to tamales and tacos, while autographing the yearly firefighters calendar, a beefy page-turner that's now tacked to the walls of jealous men and women all over Denver.

To see the hot bods, and the hot chili they dished up, feast your eyes on the pages after the jump.