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Exclusive first look: Ambli, Michel Wahaltere's new restaurant, puts a global spin on takeout

Michel Wahaltere has cooked all over Colorado, most recently at Gisella, in Aspen, which closed last year. He was the opening chef of Campo de Fiori in Cherry Creek -- now Pikkas; the original exec chef of the 9th Door in LoDo; the opening chef of MiniBAR, a concept that also shuttered years ago in Cherry Creek; the exec chef of the long-gone Moda, now 100% de Agave -- and several more local restaurant and culinary concepts, including a food truck that he named Chicago Louie's paddy wagon. And now he's back in Denver, where he's the executive chef of Ambli Gourmet Eatery & Wine, a strip mall stunner that opened earlier this month at 600 South Holly Street.

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