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Eric Cimino, chef of Luca: "The fancy-burger trend should call it quits"

Eric Cimino Luca D'Italia 711 Grant Street 303-832-6600

This is part one of my interview with Eric Cimino, chef of Luca D'Italia; part two of our chat will tun tomorrow.

Like a lot of kids, Eric Cimino had a grand plan for when he arrived at adulthood. He wanted to be a psychologist, figuring he'd excel because he was the guy everyone hit up for guidance. He even graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in psychology, but like a lot of college survivors, he soon discovered that his original master plan wasn't the one he wanted to pursue. "I realized that I couldn't listen to people's problems all day long; I just couldn't see that future working out in the end, plus I cared too much to disconnect myself," confesses Cimino, today the executive chef at Luca D'Italia.

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